Forward looking deal intelligence

Dealreporter is a specialist news and analysis service that tracks and analyzes current and expected corporate events in real time.

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Because its insights provide an all-important competitive edge, Dealreporter is an essential part of our subscribers’ trading strategy.

Breaking news and rumors

Our journalists deliver the latest rumors, news and analysis from first-class industry sources. We focus on M&A, special situations, ECM and DCM transactions and global regulatory issues.

In-depth analytics

The Dealreporter team provides an in-depth analysis of trading ideas. They break down the capital structure and analyze the impact of an event on every tradable security, whether it’s an equity, credit or hybrid instrument.

Proprietary data

Our proprietary data on MergerArb, Special Situations, Convertible Bonds, Dividends, and Rights issues keeps you ahead of the market.

Links to competition law intelligence

Dealreporter subscribers can get direct access to the Policy and Regulatory Report (PaRR), a new intelligence service that offers unrivalled coverage of EU and US antitrust agencies and emerging BRICS competition law. Learn more about PaRR.