Dealreporter Europe

Market leading reports and analysis on European M&A and corporate events


Our journalists in London and across Europe leverage specific market and geographic expertise to provide high-value news and analytics for investment professionals.


MergerArb is the core of Dealreporter Europe’s coverage. Our team of multilingual journalists provides comprehensive coverage of live and expected situations in the deal economy. In addition to up-to-the-minute editorial news, our team of analysts provides in-depth data to complement situations in the Dealreporter universe, as well as in the overall M&A market.  We also provide in-depth coverage of leveraged finance structures in M&A transactions. Coverage regularly brings to light news and analysis of live deals, auctions and asset sales through well-developed global sourcing.

Special Situations

Dealreporter Europe’s special situations coverage ranges from takeover targets to significant business events, corporate governance & activism, spin offs, demergers and legal undertakings, as well as project finance and corporate restructurings.

Equity Capital Markets

We deliver a wide range of proprietary news and analysis for participants in the equity capital markets.  These include share placements and rights issues, convertible bonds, preferred shares and warrants, share buybacks and IPOs.

Regulation & Legislation Developments

Our journalists speak to leading government and legal sources to chronicle the changing regulatory landscape across Europe. We clarify the scope and implications of the existing legal regimes and the potential impact of new and proposed laws and their potential impact a specific deal, company or sector.

Proprietary Data

We gather unique data on MergerArb, Special Situations, Convertible Bonds, Private Equity Pipeline, IPOs, Dividends and Rights Issues.


Capitalizing on widespread language capabilities, Dealreporter provides aggregation from all major European media outlets to provide a one-stop-shop for the latest news on everything to do with the deal market.

Capital Structure Arbitrage

We analyze credit angles relating to companies involved in live and expected deals, as well as designated special situations.