HED Conference 2019 - Hedge Fund·ETF Fund·Derivatives

HED Conference 2019 - Hedge Fund·ETF Fund·Derivatives
Start: Apr 18th
End: Apr 19th
Venue: Shanghai,China
Organizer: Finfo Global
Finfo Global will hold 7th HED conference on April 18th-19th in Shanghai China, this conference involve hedge fund, ETF and other financial derivatives. This conference would have over 800 – 1000 company leaders to attend, these industry leaders from bank, insurance, asset management, FoF, public and private offering fund, security, family office, smart investment, trading software, law firm, consulting, exchange.
Key Topic include:
  • Mutual Funds (inc ETF) Market Development Trends in 2019
  • Global Overview of Pension Funds Investment Management
  • ETF Fund Managers’ View: Explosive Growth of China’s ETF Market 2019
  • The Indexation of Alpha and Smart Beta
  • The Rise of ESG Investment in Asia, ESG ETF.
  • Factor Investing and Smart Beta, a Solution to the Future Asset Management
  • Quantitative Hedge Fund Strategies in 2019
  • WOFEs are Speed up to Enter into China’s Equity Market and Its Impact to China’s Asset Management Industry
To register, call +8621.5160.1000, e-mail: marketing@finfoglobal.com or register online.